Jim Clements

Jul 2011

The Road To Anhedonia - End Of Recording

Well, I’ve been back from Vancouver for a week now, and have been sitting with the unmastered record ever since, trying to sort out the tracklisting, and appreciating anew the incredible contributions that my friends made to these songs. Musicians always like their last album the best, and I’m no different. There is a reason behind that, though: you learn from your mistakes in the past, and hopefully you don’t repeat them.

The one thing I learned making this new record is just “let it be,” as Paul would say. If you’re working with talented people, just let them be talented, and bring their unique traits to bear on whatever they’re. What they brought may have diverged from my initial vision, and that was a bit of a shock at the outset, but it’s now clear my initial vision wasn’t nearly as good as what they brought. So, in rehearsals and recording, I learned to say ‘yes’ much more than I said ‘no,’ and here I am, a week later, still catching new nuances and things they added that I didn’t even notice at the time.

Anyway, I’m very excited to share this with you - this is such “band record” that I can almost appreciate it as an outside listener, and I must say, those boys and girls play real good!

The new record is entitled The Road To Anhedonia (“anhedonia” is the inability to experience pleasure from activities formerly found enjoyable), and it will be released in September in a variety of different formats. I’m trying to set up a pre-order system, and I’ll let you know when it’s ready to go. I’ll post a track or two once I get the mastering done.

Talk soon.