Jim Clements

First Reviews

The first round of reviews are in, with both SoundsXP and Nanobot Rock weighing in with very flattering reviews. Here are a few excerpts:

“With rolling purpose and southwestern bass reminiscent of The Outlaws, Clements sparks a fire of folk and songwriting that you’ll want to let burn while you dance around its glory with praise and raw enthusiasm” - Greg (Nanobot - read the full review here).

“To be frank, there is a hell of a lot to this record and it’s an absolute clinic on witty lyrics and raw emotion... I rank Jim Clements among some of the finest practitioners of the songwriting craft” - Kevin (Nanobot - read the full review here).

“Musically these are probably Clements’ strongest efforts yet, often conjuring a real early--hours atmosphere... So whilst the temptation to shrug off another downbeat country album might be all-too-understandably strong, it’d be a mistake in this case. Jim Clements is still a cut above” - Matt (Sounds XP - read the full review here).