Jim Clements

Four Leaf Clover
(J. Clements)

Nothing really changes but your moods,
The only really ugly thing about you.
You love me because I never get blue.
I haven't a felt a thing since the day that I met you.

You say I'm good enough to get you started off,
Be your well-laid path while you're starting over.
I must confide, if I had some pride, I wouldn't be at your side,
Your four leaf clover.

You pulled me up from my roots to
Be around any time it suits you
You say I'm your lucky charm;
When you're all wound up only I can make you calm.

And it's just like you said to me,
"My love, life it comes and goes,
Love ebbs and flows,
And it's not like there's somewhere else you gotta be."

And I know I can't complain,
I could leave anytime and just take the pain,
But I'm a sucker for a pretty face.
Mother always said I had good taste.

Jim Clements – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Rolla Olak – Electric Guitar
Joseph Lubinsky-Mast – Electric Bass
Jenn Bohm – Vocals
Richard Clements – Drums