Jim Clements

I'm Out Of Here
(J. Clements)

I stayed too long. I've got my mind made up. I've got my friends.
Give me my shoes, and hand over that key. I'm gonna burst that door.

It took a while but now I understand: there's no walls on a home,
And nothing sticks unless I let it stick, except the flesh on my bones.
I haven't been clear: I'm out of here.

She said, "Love. It's not easy at all. You have to work every day."
But it's a fool who keeps on punching that clock if he never gets paid.

We put down roots but just got covered in moss, and that's a crying shame.
We could have been like two rolling stones, rolling the same way.

Jim Clements – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Richard Clements – Drums
Rolla Olak – Electric Guitar
Rob Butterfield – Electric Bass
Jen Bojm –Vocals
Henry Beckwith - Organ