Jim Clements

The Whitest Shoes
(J. Clements / R. Clements)

The road is long, but I know a short cut,
But you might have to dirty your shoes.
I know you'd prefer your way, but that route'll take all day,
And we've both got better things to do.

And you always wear the whitest shoes,
Well, it's one of the nicest things about you.
But it's time to take your eyes off the street,
And get a little mud upon your feet.

You're such a good girl, and if I could, girl,
I'd carry you all of the way.
The path you're afraid of really ain't that rough,
And you'd look just as pretty in gray.

Jim Clements – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Richard Clements – Drums
Henry Beckwith – Organ
Rob Butterfield – Electric Bass
Rolla Olak – Electric Guitar
Jenn Bojm – Vocals