Jim Clements

Fletcher Christian
(J. Clements)

It seems I spend my time either tripping over my tongue,
Or choking on yours, my love.
And I don’t think that glass shoes look good
On anyone, my love.
Time to leave, I think.

I hurt too, when you talk about your troubles, baby,
Because you always talk so loud.
Time to leave, I think.

Fletcher Christian, spending time in the sun.
His captain drifts away; he’s miles away from home.
So long, Marianne, I’m going on holiday.
Don’t drink from the sea; it’ll dry you more than it’ll wet you.

I can’t stop thinking about this place I heard about,
This beach with bright pink shells.
Time to leave, I think.

Jim Clements - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Nathan Lawr - Drums
Steve Payne - Mellotron
Neil Leyton - Bass
Kevin Quain - Keyboard
Debbie Suede - Vocals