Jim Clements

Wendy Darling
(J. Clements)

Wendy Darling ties me down.
My winged feet, both flat on the ground.
She sews my shadow to my sole.
The lost boys have all been found.

If this is the only way, I’ll try to let it be.
I trust you when you say that you know what’s best for me.

A boat made from polished glass, with sky blue sails flown from the mast
Began to drift away, with me shut in the hold.
When all the children waved goodbye I didn’t feel the need to cry
But, I have to say; I’d never felt so old.

Wendy Darling drags me home,
Followed by a ticking crocodile.
With a winding sheet to keep me warm
And pennies to keep the sun out of my eyes.

Jim Clements - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Nathan Lawr - Drums
Steve Payne - Bass
Kevin Quain - Organ
Stephen Kozmeniuk - Keyboards
Carl Nanders - Violin