Jim Clements

Another Sky
(J. Clements / R. Clements)

I stood by the sea
Waiting for the ship to take me
On the bone white sand
Holding out my hands.

The ivory sky
Bled into the sea
My eyes went blind
But I could still see
I could still see

And the wind ceased to blow
And the emerald sea no longer flowed
And the angels shook the land
And I managed to stand.

The ivory sky
Bleeds into the sea
My eyes go blind
But I can still see
I can still see

When I woke up
The sky was burned
And, through the smoke,
The ship returned.

Behind the sky
As trumpets blew
I saw another sky
And another sky
And another sky.

Jim Clements - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Nathan Lawr - Drums
Steve Payne - Bass
Kevin Quain - Piano, Accordion
Dean Drouillard - Guitar