Jim Clements

Coming Up Roses
(J. Clements)

My darling, I just can’t believe it’s true,
But I have to let you go, because you wouldn’t let me go.
I can’t believe that it’s lasted so long,
With the way that I treat you, or at least how you say I do.
When I dug you up you didn’t look so good,
But I cleaned you up like I said I would.
Now everything’s coming up roses.

My darling, you wear so much makeup,
But it doesn’t cover you, or the scars I gave to you.
You hurt me too. You hurt me so bad.
My friends told me so, and that’s how I know.
When I painted you, you were looking faint,
So I touched you up with some crimson paint.
Now everything’s coming up roses.

And now you’re gone. I don’t know what I’ll do.
I’ll always miss your touch, and some of that other stuff.
But I’ll get by. I’ll get through.
It was only my heart you took. You left my little black book.
When I buried you, you looked your best.
Now my flowers are blooming and you’re getting your rest.
Now everything’s coming up roses.

Jim Clements - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Nathan Lawr - Drums
Steve Payne - Bass
Kevin Quain - Rhodes
Carl Nanders - Violin
Marney Isaac- Cello
Dean Drouillard - Slide Guitar
Debbie Suede - Vocals