Jim Clements

On The Grand
(J. Clements / R. Clements)

There are people frozen here.
A busy day sometimes ends this way.
These empty veins, these tunnels, and these trains.
As for me, I'll stay inside.
I’ll push my voice through all this blue-white noise.
These black-white keys, they’ve been so good to me.

Did you know I sank back when I was small?
I ate before I swam, and came to life here on the grand.
As the sea turned red, music filled my head.
And white birds began to fall from the sky.
And I kept my grip on your thin neck
I beat my sticks against your skin.
I was selfish, dear, but I let you listen in.

So, I sing this broken hymn
I spilt my voice and it broke like bone.
Mary cries when she hears
This burnt prayer made from black sand, string and sea.
So I offer it to St. Jude, who’s not too holy to help me.

Jim Clements - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Richard Clements - Drums
Dave Gooblar - Bass
Lucy Jordan - Piano
Maya Ahuja - Violin