Jim Clements

Clements is a thoughtful, extremely talented lyricist...The odds of actually making it to Neil Young proportions are ridiculously slim, but if a bet had to be placed, Clements would be a top choice.

Beg[s] to be covered by artists from all over the musical map. I rank Jim Clements among some of the finest practitioners of the songwriting craft

[With] the heart and soul of all those old country records, but super-catchy and folky and front porchy - part "Broken and Blue" by the Fembots, part Crazy Horse guitar, part Will Oldham voice, part absolutely fucking heartbreaking slide guitar. Worth your time and your dime.

It's a sort of gypsy/indie/nu-folk kinda thing - sort of folksy-blue Nick Cave meets Dylanesque Country Joe McDonald - hard-edged, dark, poetic story-telling set to wondrously sympathetic acoustic biased music. A mixture of great, mature writing and sensitively understated but passionately expressive playing.
-Toxic Pete

Jim Clements is really something special. Clements has a knack for the kind of deeply black humoured lyrics you can return to year after year and still wonder about, drawing amazingly vivid scenes yet leaving enough details to the imagination to leave you asking after his characters.
Bubblegum Slut

Jim Clements, alongside his stupidly talented band who embrace the likes of Nick Cave and Wilco, resurrects the voices of canonised religious and cultural icons... [A]n inventive lyrical experience, which easily stands-up to its influences.
-Fake DIY

The name of Nick Cave has been whispered, but he has more in common with another Jim, Mr O’Rourke – especially on the transgressive delights of Coming Up Roses and Before the Beating Starts.
Sounds XP

Jim Clements shows himself a talented songwriter, and Kill Devil Hills is chock-full of beautiful ballads.... Like [Wilco's] Jeff Tweedy, Jim Clements has a way of making darkness beautiful.... Expect good things from him.